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Orange and Rockland: Glen Head Customers Have Options

Would you like choices in what you pay for your electricity or natural gas supply? If you live or work in the Orange and Rockland Glen Head service area, you have that opportunity. The Glen Head electricity and natural gas markets are deregulated, so you can shop around for a new energy supply rate!

Orange and Rockland and its subsidiaries operate in the northwestern suburbs of New York City, delivering electricity and natural gas to customers in seven counties in New York, northern New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania. Between the three states, Orange & Rockland serves about 300,000 electricity and 128,000 natural gas customers.

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Orange & Rockland Glen Head is your utility company and works to make sure electricity and natural gas reach your home or business in a safe and reliable manner. If you ever experience a power outage or gas leak, contact Orange and Rockland for help.

If you decide to not shop with an ESCO, you will automatically be signed up for Orange and Rockland rates for supply. However, your electricity and natural gas supply needs are unique to you and shopping around is the best way to find a plan that fits those requirements. Many customers who shop around find plans that offer a lower supply rate.

ESCOs in the Orange and Rockland Glen Head service area sell many different supply plans with differing contract lengths. The two most popular supply rate structures are stable and variable.

  • A stable supply rate plan offers steady and predictable supply rates for the entire span of your contract. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your supply rate won't change for the length of your contract. Your supply rate is protected against any changes in the energy market that affect Orange & Rockland in Glen Head.
  • If you're looking for a chance to take advantage of low market prices, a variable supply rate plan might be for you. That's not to say variable supply rates don't come with some risk. Variable supply rate plans let you pay the market price for electricity or natural gas supply. During times of low demand, you might pay less than you would with a stable supply rate plan. However, if demand spikes, your supply rate might increase as well.

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No single supply rate structure or contract is best for everyone, so it's important to shop for a supply plan in the Orange and Rockland electric and gas service area that meets your needs. Thanks to the team at, comparison shopping is quick and easy.