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About Just Energy in New York

Just Energy in New York offers innovative electricity and natural gas plans for residents and business owners across the state. When New York opened its energy market to independent retailers by deregulating the market in 1996, energy consumers gained the freedom to choose which retail supplier they want to purchase energy from. Just Energy is a leading independent energy supplier with more than 1.8 million electricity and natural gas customer accounts across the U.S. and Canada.

Just Energy sells natural gas and electricity to residential and commercial customers in a variety of plans including stable- and variable-rate options. With a new plan from Just Energy, New York customers can take control of their energy supply with a flexible variable rate. Whether you want to explore your options for electricity or natural gas there are plans available from Just Energy. New York makes it easy for customers to exercise their power to choose, so compare rates today!

Why you should go with Just Energy in New York

There are a number of reasons why you should consider an energy plan from Just Energy. New York has given all customers the option to find a supply rate that's right for them by shopping for a new plan. Explore what Just Energy has to offer today and you might find the energy plan you've been looking for!

Competitive rate programs

Just Energy in New York offers competitive introductory rates along with a convenient RateFlex pricing plan. With the RateFlex program your energy supply price will vary, following business and market conditions, but it will never increase more than a certain percentage between billing cycles. Want even more stability from Just Energy, New York? The RateFlex plan also gives you the option to move to a stable rate at any time except for the last 6 months of your contract.

Green options

Just Energy is a leading green energy retailer in North America and is proud to offer green energy options to all its customers in New York. If you want to do your part to keep New York clean, consider adding JustGreen to your energy plan from Just Energy. New York customers can simply select their desired level of green participation and Just Energy will either offset the negative impacts of their energy use through a carbon offset program or inject energy from clean, renewable sources such as wind and hydro power into the electricity grid!

Compare your rates to those offered by Just Energy, New York!

Just Energy has been providing energy plans to homes and businesses since 1997. If you want a plan with a rate that changes with the market while still giving you control, there's a solution designed for you from Just Energy. New York even makes it simple to switch providers. In just a few minutes you can secure the rate you want on electricity or natural gas. Enter your ZIP code now and NewYorkEnergyRates.com will show you plans to choose from offered by Just Energy. New York, now is the time to act! In a few minutes of your time could find a plan that works for you.

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Updated: 7-21-2015

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