New York Green Energy | Find Green Energy Options in NY

Support Green Energy for a Sustainable Future

The world is changing. Whether or not you support the concept of climate change, the fact remains that our nation's dependence on oil makes us interdependent on other, less stable parts of the world. One way to moderate this situation is to support green energy technology here in New York. The good news is that when you begin to shop for a new electricity or natural gas plan, there are many retail providers, such as the featured green energy provider, that offer programs allowing you to support renewable energy as part of your plan.

Before you make a final decision on the energy plan you purchase, ask your chosen retailer about any renewable energy options it has to offer. In many cases you can elect to support a sustainable green energy program for a surprisingly low amount of money.

What is green energy?

As far as definitions are concerned, green energy is any source of energy produced through a renewable resource. That's why green energy is synonymous with renewable energy for all intents and purposes. Some of the most familiar renewable resources are sunlight, water and wind. Each of these natural forces can be harnessed with sustainable technology to produce energy.

Today, green energy is more accessible than ever before. This can be attributed largely to the fact that technology has caught up with the market's desire to support renewable energy initiatives. The cost of producing sustainable technology has fallen dramatically during the past 20 years, making it much easier to afford green energy.

Increasing the impact of renewable energy in New York

Today, wind farms and solar arrays are beginning to pop up around New York. These new facilities are helping supplement the existing facilities across the state that use fossil fuels to generate energy. In addition to the hydroelectric plants that have been in place in New York for decades, new green energy facilities are reducing New York's dependence on fossil fuels for energy generation.

The challenge to the market today is finding ways to introduce green solutions to urban areas through better application of existing technologies. So far, wind turbines have been particularly difficult to install in urban areas as well as have them generate enough energy to make the investment worthwhile. There are several companies exploring new designs for wind turbines that may impact the viability of urban applications; some of which are based in New York City, but until all the issues have been worked out, solar arrays continue to be a better sustainable technology for urban areas.

Solar arrays can be installed on nearly any surface. Whether you're talking about high-rise apartment buildings, parking garages or individual homes, solar panels can generate enough energy to be worth the investment as long as they receive a minimum of about 8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

As the overall cost of green technology continues to drop, it's likely there will be an increase in the number of installations across New York. Even if you can't afford to install your own green infrastructure, or your home isn't conducive to either a wind or solar solution, there are still ways for you to support green energy in New York.

Going green with your choice of energy supplier

Now that the New York energy industry is deregulated, residents and business owners alike can utilize the power of their energy dollars to encourage energy companies to support green options. There are many providers licensed to sell energy in New York that already offer green packages to their customers. In many cases these programs are easy to sign up for and can cost less than you might expect.

If you're not sure whether your current energy company offers green products, it's probably worth inquiring about. You can also ask where the green energy is coming from, such as wind, water or solar. If you don't have the opportunity to support green energy with your current provider, it could be time for you to look at your options. With just a few minutes of your time it's easy to find providers offering green options with Enter your ZIP code now and you can compare offers in your area. It's up to all of us to ensure that our world is here for future generations. Do your part today by supporting renewable energy initiatives!