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Take Advantage of Your Choices with Con Edison in Rye

Are you still purchasing your electricity or natural gas supply directly from Con Edison in Rye? If you are, you might be missing the boat on some serious supply savings. As a resident or business owner in the Con Ed service territory, you are one of the many Americans with the opportunity to shop around for a company to supply you with energy.

In addition to having more control over the rates you pay, opting not to purchase your energy supply from Con Edison in 10580 means you won't have to sacrifice quality of service. One of the biggest advantages of deregulation is that you will continue to be a delivery customer of your utility, including Con Edison in Rye, while potentially enjoying a better rate on your energy supply.

Are you ready to get started? Just enter your ZIP code below, and will provide you with offers from energy services companies (ESCOs) registered to do business with Con Edison in Rye.

What did deregulation change about Con Edison in Rye?

To tackle this question, let's first define deregulation as it pertains to the energy industry, in New York as a whole and Con Edison in Rye. New York deregulation of the energy market basically split up the duties of a traditional utility into three separate parts, each represented by a different category of business. Of these three categories, Con Edison in 10580 continues to be considered a utility.

Prior to deregulation ConEd was the only entity energy customers living in its service area dealt with. After deregulation, residents and businesses continue to interact with Con Edison in Rye no matter what, but they also have the opportunity to seek out other companies that may be able to offer a more competitive supply price on energy.

Deregulation created two categories of companies out of duties the utilities used to be responsible for: generation companies and retail suppliers. These new businesses generate energy and sell it to consumers, limiting utilities such as Con Edison in Rye to the role of distributor in many cases. Con Edison in Rye continues to sell standard service to consumers, but the rates are regulated and may not always be the most competitive.

No matter your supplier, if you are a consumer of Con Edison in Rye, it will still maintain responsibility of your distribution.

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Common questions about the role of Con Ed in Rye

Residents who have never chosen an energy plan other than one from Con Edison in 10580 will probably have some questions. Glance through these frequently asked queries for some quick answers.

  • Do I have to choose a new natural gas or electric company? No. You do not have to choose a new ESCO, but not doing so could prevent you from saving money. Residential and business customers of Con Edison in Rye can still purchase a standard energy plan from the utility.
  • Can everyone opt for an ESCO? That depends. In New York, nearly everyone can choose a retail energy supplier. In other areas of the country, many people still have no choice when it comes to the provider of their energy supply. If you have Con Edison in Rye, chances are you can choose an ESCO if you want to. The only question that remains is which company you want to go with.
  • What should I look for in a retail energy plan? The right energy plan for you will be determined by your own usage history, habits and needs. There are many options to choose from, and each retailer has different perks designed to generate interest with different groups of customers within the service territory of Con Edison in Rye. Before you jump into a plan, be sure to do some research on what options best fit your individual requirements.
  • Can I really save money? In the end, the answer to this question boils down to your choices. Energy savings can stem from selecting the right plan just as easily as they can result from making wise usage decisions such as not running the dishwasher before it's full. The best answer is that selecting a new plan is not one-size-fits-all, you might benefit from Con Ed or you might benefit another retailer. The important thing is that you choose carefully.

Make your energy plan work for you with Con Edison in Rye

Remember – if you're a customer with Con Ed in Rye, you have a choice when it comes to your energy supply. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to choose your own plan could result in savings on your energy bill. Get started today by entering your ZIP code now to see what offers can find for you as a customer of Con Edison!