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Con Edison: New York Energy for Generations

Of all the utilities operating around New York, Con Edison is certainly one that has proven it belongs there. Con Edison can trace its history back to 1823 in Manhattan. In the early days the utility was known as the New York Gas Light Company, which helped introduce gas-powered light to the public, both on the streets and within homes and businesses.

Over time, competition and market forces led the New York Gas Light Company to combine forces with other gas companies – becoming Consolidated Gas – before eventually incorporating electricity companies. In 1936 the utility adopted the name Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. (ConEd) as electricity overtook gas as the public's favorite option for indoor lighting.

Con Edison is now the utility for much of New York City. Millions of customers receive their electricity and natural gas supplies through the distribution network owned by Con Ed. Residents and business owners in the Con Ed NYC service area also have the ability to choose their own supply rates from energy services companies (ESCOs). Rather than having to settle for the utility's rates for standard electricity or natural gas service, as a ConEd customer you can seek out a new plan from an ESCO.

Examining your options is something everyone should do in the territory served by Con Edison. New York instituted energy deregulation in 1996 to support a competitive market for residents and businesses alike, and if you're not taking advantage of the opportunity to switch ESCOs, you may be spending more than you need to on energy.

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What does Con Edison do?

Con Edison is and always has been a utility. What's changed is the definition of utility within the New York energy market. Today, a utility has a different relationship with consumers and is primarily charged with delivery service of electricity or natural gas to homes and businesses. In the past, utilities also produced energy and sold it to consumers, but deregulation changed that relationship.

Now there are generation companies and ESCOs that have taken over those respective roles in the New York energy industry. As control was decentralized from utilities such as Con Ed, New York has developed an energy market with more opportunity for competition between players.

New York deregulation gives Con Ed customers the option to continue purchasing their energy supply directly from the utility or the choice of many retail energy suppliers licensed to operate in the service area of Con Edison. New York suppliers each have their own line of plans and products designed with the needs of different types of consumers in mind. Whatever type of plan you wind up choosing, be sure to always do your homework first.

How to choose a new ESCO

Choosing a new retail energy provider isn't particularly difficult, but it does require you to take some time to weigh your options before calling ConEd. New York residents and business owners all have different energy needs, and to ensure you receive the right plan to fulfill those needs you have to know how each type of plan can affect you. Maybe you are on a budget and could benefit from the price security of a stable-rate plan. Perhaps you need to find a month-to-month solution to match your current rental agreement. Maybe the only thing that matters to you is your bottom line and the rate attached to a particular plan is your only deciding factor.

No matter what your needs are, shopping for a new energy company is easy when you live in the ConEd service territory. Best of all, can help make shopping easier. Just enter your ZIP code now and you'll be presented with energy solutions in your area.

Updated: 7-21-2015